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A330 MAC

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A330 MAC

Product Description

This Visual Oral Switch-Light Guide™ (VOSLG) with aircraft systems is comprehensive in its coverage. It is a digital aircraft operating manual, illustrated in full “lights illuminated” colors. This software is designed to efficiently help you through an initial ground school. It is perfect for recurrent training, simulator preparation, and Type Ratings.   See more below the YouTube video.


Each switch light guide includes dozens of cockpit photographs and system pop-ups!
Hyperlinked contents explain ALL cockpit panels and systems. You can study from
the cockpit to the system and in reverse.

Structure of Information (everything is hyperlinked to each other):
Quick Link Table of Contents
How to use your Keyboard – very simple: move your mouse near an item
Cockpit Areas
Systems Diagrams
Synoptic Displays
Tech Support with Email Capability

Airbus A330 Cockpit Areas:

  • Left Overhead
  • Center Overhead
  • Upper Overhead
  • Right Overhead
  • Lower Overhead
  • Glareshield
  • Side Instrument Panels
  • Forward Instrument Panels
  • Standby Instruments
  • PFD Displays
  • NAV Displays
  • Main Landing Gear Panel
  • Pedestal Areas:
  • Audio Panel
  • Radios Panel
  • Transponder Panel
  • Weather and Radar Control Panels

Airbus A330 Systems (some of these with functional ECAM Actions):

  • Air Conditioning / Cabin Pressure / Ventilation
  • Auto Flight & Autothrust
  • Communications
  • Electrical – many configuration
  • Fire & Smoke – Engines, Aircraft, Cargo
  • Flight Controls
  • Fuel
  • Hydraulics
  • Anti-Ice – Engines & Wings
  • EIS / FWS / Flight Recorder & CVR
  • Landing Gear / Wheels / Brakes – all possibilities
  • Navigation
  • Oxygen
  • Bleed Air System
  • APU
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Powerplant

Airbus A330 Diagrams and Schematics:
All of the above Systems, plus or including the following -

  • Horizontal Stab
  • Rudder
  • Ram Air Turbine
  • Flaps, Computer Control Primary/Backup/Alternate
  • Slats, Computer Control Primary/Backup/Alternate
  • Load Alleviation Option
  • Wing Tip Brakes
  • Avionics
  • Ventilation (All SIX Configurations)
  • Pneumatics & Safety Pressurization System
  • Cargo Smoke System
  • PFD Displays & all PFD Modes
  • Navigation Displays & NAV Symbology
  • MCDU Message Lists
  • EFIS Architecture
  • Normal / Alternate / Reserve / Accumulator Brakes
  • Low Energy Graphs
  • Predictive and Reactive Windshear Envelopes
  • GPWS Modes and Envelopes
  • EPR and N1 Options.
  • Auto Thrust System
  • Auto Pilot Systems

All of the above associated glass cockpit screen displays, with many variations,
and all symbology is explained.

We are always adding to our Free Downloads include more Differences Summaries,
Quick References for Simulator and flying the line: Limitations/memory items
and Oral Questions with ANSWERS, and so much more.

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