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About Us

Aviation Information Services, LLC (AIS LLC) and its subsidiary Red Triangle Productions LLC (RTP LLC) provide training to pilots in over 500 airlines and companies world-wide (such as Dragonair in Hong Kong):  pilots in every legacy and major air carrier; all commuters and regional airlines; government agencies (such as the FAA & NASA and ICAO & JAA entities); aviation associations (like the IATA); Fortune 500 corporations (such as Costco, Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, PepsiCo); regional jet commercial training departments (such as American Eagle), and universities with flight training programs such as Purdue and Arizona State at Tempe, AZ; and insurance companies like AIG. 

I am Captain Todd Michael Edwards, ...

... and I own AIS LLC and RTP LLC.  I am also a Licensed Safety Professional through the National Association of Safety Professionals (for all things OSHA), and a Certified Aviation Accident Investigator.  I own Wolf Productions which secures my patents and their development & progress in a variety of industries.  I also own Certified Safety Consultants LLC for OSHA related safety efforts.  I am Certified in Information Mapping – a technical writing style that makes those things complex and difficult into easy-to-master formats.  This is where I help you the most.

Among my accomplishments, I did 5 Types in five years:  B737, B747, B757, B767, and A320.  In my aviation past I’ve flown recip, turboprop, turbofan, turbojet, light, medium, heavy, jumbo, fixed, rotary and swing-wing.

I know what you want.  I know what you need. 

You want CONFIDENCE in your knowledge about your aircraft. 

You want all the information you need to pass an FAA oral, or similar JAA exam, or company test.  You want all the details, and not a lot of trivia.  You want essential data.  You want to know where something is when you need to find it.  You don't want clutter about stuff you really don't need to know. 

You want customer service. 

You want what you want, when you want it, and none of the stuff that doesn't matter. And you want it to be easy. That's my goal – spoon feed you in the best way you've ever experienced to learn an airplane. I use a unique presentation that is very simple to use and yet all related data is interconnected. 

I know what you DON’T want. 

You don't want to have to learn how to use a computer program just to begin to learn your aircraft. 

You don't want to learn unnecessary knowledge for the task at hand.  You don't need to know how the Lav Water System operates.  No one will ask you about Flight Attendant Panels and Galley operations.

You don't want my company to hide behind an internet wall of voice mail, email, and FAQ's that don't solve your problem.  If you have an issue, you want help now. 

Therefore, my cell phone number is (US) 540.850.3915.  You can text me at that number. You can email me at redtriangle@gmail.com.  I’ll get them on my smart phone.

I am here to help you as best as I can.  I offer a lifetime of free revisions and free updates so you can refresh for any future simulator.  That also means if your computer crashes I will send to you a 100% off coupon to retrieve your download for free.  My primary goal is helping you, not taking your money. 


I was born in a small town, Celina, in northwest Ohio. 

I was a Life Scout (Boy Scouts).  I am a recipient of The Order of the Arrow.

I had a paper route where, when 13, I noticed that a local boy got kicked out of this school call the Air Force Academy!  I was in the school counselor’s office the next inquiring about it.

I worked in a local bank as janitor, counting money and wrapping coin.

I joined the Order of DeMolay.  The greatest honor in my life has been to receive their highest, Honorary Award, that being; Chevalier of the Order of DeMolay.

In HS I was in the College Prep path.  Prior to my freshman year I was selected into a work group that included students, teachers and school board members to redevelop the English Department into a college of 80 courses based in a four quarter format.  Each student would take 4 courses each school year, some core and some required, and the others were electives.  Over the four years of high school a student would accomplish sixteen diverse courses. 

I became a standby emergency teacher, teaching any course to any class below me.  The first time, I was now a freshman and teaching a science class on colloids/suspensions and solutions to eighth-graders.  I made myself available to home tutor students. 

I wanted to learn more than the curricula and each year explored a subject.  I studied lasers, nuclear physics, magnetohydrodynamics, and fuel cells.

I lettered in tennis, participated in track and field (pole vault, high jump, long jump, & sprints).  Our local summer swim team, Celina Dolphins, was undefeated for 5 years.

I was a member of the French Club, International Thespians, Choir, Operetta productions, etc.

Knowing I had no way to pay for college, and desperately needed to go, I set my sights.  I researched this place; The Air Force Academy.  I wanted to accomplish everything I could attempt.

The Hon. Congressman William McCullough appointed me (primary) to the Air Force Academy as one of the last action in his career just prior to retirement.  It was God’s gift to my life.

I graduated from the United States Air Force Academy (1977).  I wanted to study everything, ending up with a diverse General Studies track consisting of Laser Physics, Life Science, Computer Science and Astronomy.

Pilot Training was at Williams AFB (now Mesa Gateway Airport) at Phoenix, AZ.  I was, somehow, fighter qualified.  There were no fighters for my graduating class but the USAF had just started a "first assignment FAC" program - with the guaranteed fighter to follow.  My first assignment, after many months of inter-agency training at Hurlburt Field, FL., and at Patrick AFB, (Coco Beach, FL.), was to Bergstrom AFB, (Austin, TX).   I arrived with five other similarly new FACs, all of us Academy grads/classmates and thus declared the Squadron Commander, Lt. Col. Henry, "you are going up to Fort Hood (Killeen, TX) and are getting checked out in Army helicopters."

I spent six years flying as a Forward Air Controller in the O-2A Skymaster, OV-10 Bronco, OA-37B Dragonfly, and as a Liaison Officer “helo-FAC” with the Army in the OH-58C Kiowa and AH-1 Cobra.  Then I got my fighter….

Then I had four years flying the F-111D Tactical Fighter (the 1970’s technology glass cockpit model).  Finally I flew the USAFE EF-111A Raven electronic warfare (jammer:  “Klingon Cloaking Device”) operations in NATO. I was a Liaison Officer in Naples, It., between USAFE and other air forces, integrating our Raven’s abilities with theirs. 

Along the way I graduated from the USC/USAF Safety School, back then located at Norton AFB near San Bernardino, CA in 1986.  I am a Certified Aircraft Accident Investigator. 

I joined US Airways in 1989 as a Fokker F-28 First Officer @ KGSO and furloughed 1991. 

During the furlough (7+ years long), I worked in the company computer center, then US Airways' Safety Department.  US Air had five accidents in five years – not all of them were the fault of the airline.  But Project Restore Confidence was created with the FAA to build a world class safety department.  They hired a couple of retired generals.  One of them, Gen. Robert Oaks, (“59), [I can't tell you enough about this true leader, one of the nicest men, true professional and down to earth qualities, and fully deserving of all the Awards and Honors he has received], called me one day and I became a Flight Safety Specialist at RIDC near KPIT.  We had had an investment from British Airways and along with that acquired the British Airways Safety Information System (BASIS).  FOQA hadn’t been established yet, nor the ASAP programs.  But BASIS let us compile pilot reports, perform Risk Assessments, and generate Trend Analysis reports that Training could then use to prepare pilots for identified risk areas/operations/procedures, etc., ultimately making our pilots safer.  After several years, in 1998 I was invited into the Training Department, sent to Airbus school at United, and then was the second Airbus instructor when US Air took delivery of A320's in 1998 (Typed). 

I was recalled to fly Boeing B737-200 (Typed) in the Metrojet operation in 1999.  Within a year I moved to Boeing B757 and Boeing B767 (Typed) international operations @ PHL. Post 9-11 I was displaced to Airbus A320 (Typed) operations @ DCA in 2002 and furloughed again. 

I acquired a Boeing B747 100/200/300 Classic Type Rating in 2003. 

Spirit Airlines hired me as Director of Flight Safety as they began A320 certification in 2004. I have also been flying the line regularly, since 2006. 

I continued my safety education and became a Licensed Safety Professional through the National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP) in 2007.  This concerns safety related to all things Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA).  I accomplished 28 Certifications to attain the License.  Examples are audits, workplace violence, emergency response, HAZMAT, management and administrative operations, environmental health, etc.

I am a Christian:  raised as Methodist at St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Celina, OH.  Tracy Marie (Daniels) is from Argentine, MI.  We got baptized by Revs. James and Ruth Smith in 1992.  To this day I study widely on theology - and many other subjects.  I enjoy learning and prefer spending time adding to my understandings; sciences, histories, mathematics, cosmmology, physics, chemistry, economics, politics, art & music, languages, philosophy, and well, everything.  I see knowledge like a gemstone.  Each facet is a differnt subject.  The deeper you go into any of them, the closer you get to all the others.  At the center is math....

I am a Master Mason, at Edwards H. Cann Daylight Lodge No. 1752 in Fredericksburg, VA.  It is wonderful to be in the same building that George Washington was a founding member so long ago.  

I am also a member of various aviation associations and safety organizations, and social web venues like Facebook and Linkedin - although I spend very little time on them.

I am married to my best friend, Tracy.  We raise foster kids.  And we have cats and dogs….

I play classical piano, swim, bike, lift weights, and drive my impeccable 1977 sky blue Datsun 280Z – with just 23,000 original miles on her.  An unbelievable find, still smells new and everything works on her.  Zoom, Zoom!