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We have setup a very attractive affiliate program with generous commissions to award you for referring pilots to our website.   We use a thrid party company, iDev Affiliates, to track the click-throughs from your website, or social media page, (like Facebook,...).  These click-through sales are tracked automatically.  You are notified of all successful sales.  You will be able to login and see everything.  I will use Pay Pal to compensate you.

Click Here To Signup for our Affiliate Program

Dear Fellow Pilot,

Thank you for your interest! I want this to be as easy as possible for you.

Example: you tell a pilot to go to your web site and click on a link. It brings them to us, they make a purchase, and I PAY YOU for the recommendation.

Word-of-mouth is the best advertisement. Would you like to talk with an existing Affiliate to see how easy this is? Just ask! (Use the Support Contact Page).

RTP has been in business since 1999 and serves pilots in over 450 companies, airlines, agencies, associations, etc., world-wide. I would like to have a special Affiliate pilot in every airline, company, etc., to reap the rewards for representing RTP. There is a world of opportunity here! Who wants Africa? South America…? Any start-up airline?

In July 2010 I recreated RTP with new hosting, a much simpler web site, and expedited downloads. I can handle all Support issues from my smart phone. I want this to be easy.

I have setup the iDev Affiliate Program so it should be as simple as possible. I have just one tier. No multi-level marketing tricks. Everyone is equal. I do have Performance levels. After 25 sales you automatically move from 10% to 15% and then to 20% on each and every sale. If a download sells for $100, you will make $10, then $15, and then $20 every time. Soon you have your money back on your own purchase! (And, you'll want to get paid instead of doing some 'participatory piracy'. Yes, I know about it….)

To help you even more, if you do not have a web site, I will provide one for you, to get you setup and going. Everything is negotiable. Also, there are many cheap and easy hosting services available – e.g., just Google "cheap hosting."

I want this to be easy for you – didn't I promise that? If you have a web site already, then we have a rich assortment of flexible methods for you to use: Banners, Page Peels, Lightboxes, Text Ads, Text Links, HTML Page Ads, Email Templates, and PDF Documents. Whew!! Drop a Banner on your site and you are in business.

The Affiliate Tutorial Videos available to you. iDev has made their system very easy.

Any questions? Please contact me through the Support Contact Page.


PS: In the US, I can explain how you can easily incorporate as an LLC, through the Internet, in just a couple of days. Then, you'll have a home-based business with all the tax breaks & benefits, and one running on word-of-mouth, and computers doing all the labor on autopilot! Just ask me….

Oh, and about the piracy thing – it's sad to see a pilot using old, unimproved data going into a Type Rating or simulator session. It's better to be prepared and CONFIDENT!