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I have been using Red Triangle Study Aids since they became available for the A320.  When my airline added Airbuses to our fleet they did not utilize color on the diagrams in our Pilot Handbook or Training Manual, so Red Triangle's full color presentation was a huge help in just that one aspect. 
I now have been using the A330 Study Aid for the last 10 years.  Prior to my checkrides I spend a considerable amount of my study time on the Red Triangle material.  I am able to use it on the road without an Internet connection.  Todd's narratives are very comprehensive, and the site is simple to navigate. 
I have recommend Red Triangle to many of my fellow pilots and will do so in the future as well.  D. S. 30Oct13

Thank you. This is a FANTASTIC Training device!  C. S.   18Feb2013 

I todd , thanks you very much for your concern I finally managed to start the application and I have to say I am really impressed its really worth it , keep up the good job.  R ALH 

Thanks for the excellent product and keep up the great work.  Best Regards.  D.H.

Thank you very much!  I have been very impressed with what you have done over the years.  Awesome product!  CDKJ

Thank you very much for the info and link.  I was able to use it and update my airbus training aid.  I also wanted you to know that I really appreciate you rapid and timely reply.  It is a bonus these days doing business with people of integrity.  Thanks!  Now on to study for my CQT.  M.H.

Everything works well. Thanks for the quick response. I’ve said if before “Great Product”. -John

Hi, Years ago, I purchased the A330 Lights and Switches Guide from Todd at Red Triangle Productions. Fairly soon thereafter I got an email from Todd saying that he was selling his study guide business and that I should log onto his website and download my last “lifetime update”. [Note: Red Triangle Productions was purchased by Aviation Information Services, LLC – but there was no intention of discontinuing the lifetime of free revisions and updates. Todd Edwards now owns AIS LLC]. I did so and have continued to use that version every year to study for my CQT. This yearI wondered if “Red Triangle” still existed. As you probably know, they do. And Todd’s name was all over the website. I got his email contact and wrote to him, asking for an update for my A330 material. I didn’t really expect an answer. I had no receipt, no account number, nothing to prove that I had ever purchased his stuff. Well…within thirty minutes he answered and gave me the latest update!! I can only assume that I will be able to get revisions in the future too. I can only guess that at some point he either bought back his business or he bought out the company who bought his business. Whatever…sure was good to get my update. Happy ending for a change. -Best to ya, DAS

“Hi Todd, just wanted to drop you a belated thanks for sending me the COPY. It’s been all that I’d hoped for and much more. I’ve gained and incredible amount of information from your product. Keep up the good work and thanks again.” — A. F.

“Thank you, Todd, for the quick response and friendly, professional manner in which this transaction has been completed. I do not doubt that this product will more than meet my needs.” — B. R.

“Hi Todd, Got your message with the site of your simulation. Did a preliminary review yesterday evening. Your graphics are great and your logic is on target! I will spend some time looking it over in depth this week and figure out how to incorporate it into my intermediate systems class. I will get back with you ” C. H

“Hi Todd!! Thank you for your excellent customer service! Always nice with some new material to go through… I will for sure recommend the program for my colleagues and do you have any approximately release time for the -400 program, I will start my upgrade in 6 months or so? If possible I would like to get a copy for my notebook which I keep in Hongkong. I get in touch with you again if I have any questions. Best Regards” — T. J.

“Todd, Thanks a million. That worked like a champ. I really appreciate your quick reply — just one more reason why I will continue to recommend your programs to my buds at Southwest. Red Triangle rocks! All the best.” — E. P.

“Todd, Thanks for taking time for the explanation. I appreciate it. Also, let me commend you on your study guides. The A330 was a great help with my oral.” — K. B.

“Hi Todd, No worries here and thanks!! I was ready for my A330 oral. It was supposed to be 2 hrs…. He got tired asking me questions after 40 mins when I answered everything. The L+S [A330 Visual Oral Switch-Light Guide] helped me immensely.” — J. B.

“Hi Todd, I have just been told that I am coming up for an A320 course with [new airline withheld by request] – no course date YET!. I am with [current airline withheld by request] at the moment on the Twin Otters, so as you can imagine this is a BIG BIG step for me. I downloaded your demo & read the testimonials; was so impressed, I decided to go straight for it. I am reviewing it now. Cheers mate, and damn fine work.” — O. J. [Airlines withheld until he gets on with the new airline. -- Todd]

“Mr. Edwards, Your CRJ-200 program has been awesome! I used it throughout my training at SkyWest. I’ve been amazed at the accuracy of the document. I look forward to your CRJ-700. I look forward to hearing from you again soon. Regards,” — J. S.

“Todd – I mostly bought this on a surfing whim, based on your Testimonials. I haven’t even had a chance to actually use it (checkride’s not for a few months), but I still spent about ten minutes just sitting here with my mouth hanging open! What an outstanding study tool! Everything in one place and nothing extraneous! And “shipping” took less than a minute! I’m gonna show this to my company next.” — D. M.

“Dear Todd, My wife and I were tossing up what to get our son-in-law for his birthday and she suggested the Red Triangle 747 file. He is with European and starts his Command Course next week, so it will be handy. Could you post it to him ASAP and let me know how I can pay for it. It is the 747 classic. If you could include a quick note saying Happy Birthday from us, I would be most grateful. Best Regards,” — J. H

“Hey Todd, I downloaded your email and everything is working fantastically. Thanks for going the extra mile to help me out. Thanks again Todd for all your efforts. The program looks and works great. My wife ( she works for Net Jets International as a Flight Attendant) is quite impressed with what you did with Excel. She has used it herself building her own spreadsheets to track her Frequent Flyer Miles and Hotel Points and for other things but she did not know the extent of the capabilities of Excel until she saw what you did with it. I understand from a buddy of mine that you are furloughed from US Air. If you and your wife ever need a NonRev buddy pass to come to Denver or points west that we serve feel free to ask and if I have any left I would be glad to help out. Take Care,” — S. S.

“Hi Todd, Thx. very kindly for all of the material you sent me up here in Canada. It looks GREAT and I can’t wait to pour into it. Read your resume and WOW. All the best and thx. again,” — V. E.
“Hi Todd, Merci, for your personal response. Very impressive work!! Impressive background… you just forgot to tell me you were MS Excel world champion! Air Caledonie Int has 2 A330 since early 2003 and a 737 that will be change for a A320 in Jan 2004. I bet you’ll hear about some of my friends very soon. Bon vols.” — L. G.

“Todd, Thank you for your personal response. That’s rare in this day and age. I just wanted to tell you personally that I thank you for your hard work and wonderful product. I’m a young guy trying to break into the airlines. I received a letter of hire from ASA last December and am still awaiting a class date (probably this winter or early spring). I think your software will help give me a leg up on training since I’m very new to jet airplanes (CRJ, in particular). I was a helo guy in the Army, so a lot of this is new (although there are surprisingly a lot of systems similarities). Again, thank you SO much. I knew I could trust a Zoomie (I’m a West Point guy), ha ha!! Providing your background on the website is terrific, don’t change that! I’m only sorry to hear that you’re still furloughed. I’m sure things will change soon. Until then, keep up the great work, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. ” — P. O. “PS; I’m absolutely amazed at what you can do with Excel. Incredible!!”

“Hi Todd… …about the Affiliate Program, I will recommend people to you but I don’t want money for it. The product stands by itself. If it helps them… then they’ll buy it… and they DO need help… so I predict every pilot will want them.” — J. B.

“Sir, I always tell people I am flying with about your programs. I use the 757 program every 6 months for a great review. Do you still have the demo on your website? Sometimes it is difficult to get across just how useful it can be, and pilots, other than me, of course, are just a bunch of cheap bastards!:-).” — C. B.

“Todd, The program (B747 Classic) more than meets my expectations. Thanks,” — M. B.
“Hello, sir, Congratulations for your exellent program, I am chief pilot for the A-320 in Lan Peru. I will let you know if I need something else.” — G. P.

“Todd, I am enjoying the material on the 747 Classic VERY much. It is REALLY first rate. Really IMPRESSIVE!” — N. G.

“Greetings Todd: This is day seven of my A320 initial. Your program has been tremendous help to me as it has been to the other guys in my class who purchased it … we all agree! I have, and will continue to recommended it to other fellow Bus drivers (present and future). Thanks for your hard work; it saved me hours of note taking, which I now can put to better use. Hope to see you back on the property soon!” — G. B.

“Hi Todd, I am furloughed from US Airways also and going to PSA. You have a very nice product. Just another example of the talent on the US Airways seniority list. Thank you!” — J. C.
“Hi Todd! I bought your program for my boyfriend who is a CRJ 200 Skywest pilot. (I’m a flight attendant for Continental :) ) He loves the program. Please let us know of any new and upcoming CRJ info! He’s very impressed! Thank you!” — K. D.

“Hi Todd, Ron is enjoying your 330 program. He said it is a pilot’s handbook that has come alive that actually makes sense. He adds that it has been extremely helpful in explaining the fault light system and what it does. Ron is full of compliments for your product. He has used it all weekend and said he would have had to have stayed in CLT if he did not have your program or the laptop. He has finished 8 days of ground school and feels that your program is keeping him a little ahead of the game.” — wife of R. F.

“Todd, I was very impressed with the CRJ download. I checked out your site more out of curiosity than necessity and I must say that other than the Bombardier “CATS” program (which is not available to the public), this is by far the best I’ve seen. I will definately be recommending your website as well as your programs to my fellow ASA pilots.” — C. M.

“Good morning, Todd. I spent the last few days using the lights and switches program on my PC. It far surpassed what I expected. As a companion to the Airbus Pilot’s Handbook, it is almost an essential. We retain more information when we see as well as read. Your program will make my upcoming initial training a much more pleasurable experience. Thanks.” — L. P.

“Hi Todd, Thanks for your e-mail. May I compliment you on your training modules. I have been involved training and manuals for more years that I care to remember, but I have not seen a presentation like yours before, so I will mention it to some of my collegues. Take care. Regards” — D. M.

“Thanks Todd, I will pass along to all my classmates my total satisfaction of the software download at class on the 29th. Regards” — J. P.

“Todd, I flew with a guy that has flown with you in the past. I was telling him about your program. His name is Al and he said he thought you were WAY over qualified to be wasting your time as a line-pilot! I told him you were scheduled to be the Mission Commander on the next shuttle launch!” — S. F. [Thanks for the compliment, guys! (You're not trying to get me to give up my seniority number now, are you?) LOL -- Todd]

[After G. J. needed a copy of a download...] “Return service on Memorial Day – this kind of personalized service is rarely seen anywhere these days. Bravo Zulu! Well done. Thanks Todd,” — G. J.

“Todd – Glad to be onboard! [Affiliate Program] You do good work and it comes highly recommended out on the line. Sorry to hear of your furlough from US Airways. You have an extensive work background that could take you in a lot of different career directions. Thanks again,” — B. S.

“Hi Todd, Thanks for your offer. [referencing the Affiliate Program] I really appreciate what you have done and am more than impressed with your program. I have recommended it to many of my collegues already, some of whom have signed up. I will continue to do so. I will not ask for, nor do expect any reward for this. Keep up the good work. Kind regards,” — J. C.

“Todd, thanks for the reply to my interest in your product. I have heard good things about it from multiple sources.” — L. S.

“Hi Todd, I did receive and was able to down load the A320 All Airlines file. It looks fabulous. I can’t wait to start using it. Thanks for the help!” — D. G.

This is from a thread at forums.flightinfo.com asking about info on the B757: “Here is the best program I’ve ever used. I have it for the A320, I’m sure it’s just as good for the 757.” — Thank you, fellow pilot, whoever you are, for your recommendation! – Todd

“Hi Todd, I put your site up as I was impressed with the amount of information you had available for download. Hopefully some business comes your way through the link.” — K. P.

“GREAT — got my check! I had doubts, thought this might be just a gimmick, but I’m glad that you live up to your ehtics and honor me with the promised reward! Thx!” — M. E.

“Dear Sir, Thank you for the check from you Affiliate Program. I had my doubts about how this would work, easy or not, and how fast. This is very good and prompt. Thank you!” — T. B.

“Hey buddy! It’s about time you got your affiliates stuff working! I’m sure it’ll be very successful since I’ve been telling all my guys about you! See ya later.” — M. E.

“Todd, we made it mate. Yes, both down loaded very well and I’m very impressed with the results.” — D. G.

“First of all, thank you for providing such a concise, easy-to-understand electrical schematic diagram for the newbies! I enjoyed studying the spreadsheets over and over again and the acronynms. Please keep up the excellent work. This really helped me in my CBT groundschool and my oral exam.” — V. L.

“Just got through Systems today. Whew!, pretty challenging two weeks. Haven’t been in school for 9 years! Your material certainly contributed in my success thus far! Just purchased a new laptop and was hoping you could email me the CRJ program again so I could download it to this new one. Thanks Todd!” — B. H.

One pilot replied after I sent out a Revision, “Todd, do you take donations for this?” — D. D.

“Before the acqusition, I consulted several pilots, and they know about the Red Triangle and I was recommended to buy, so I did it. One thing is true: the pilots know you!!! In the site  has a Red Triangle logo to acquire the product. Be sure. Nice to know you, and your background makes all pilots jealous here in Brasil. Congratulations. And be sure that a lot of pilots of VARIG know about you, cause we find you by ,. This site belongs to Capt (withheld) from Varig, and we use this site for everything. Lamentably this site is out of service now, but we expect that he will put it on the air again. Once again, thanks of lot and mantain in contact. You make a great work for all pilots. Congratulations.” — R. M.

“I passed my oral for the A319 last Friday and must say that your L&S Guide was a great help throughout the intensive training course. For a “Boeing-guy” there was much to learn but fortunately I showed up for the oral overprepared, which is always a good thing.” — J. W

“I’ve just downloaded your new revsion. Thank you! I really appreciate your hard work putting together this CRJ program. You will be pleased to know that there’re quite a few pilots out here who are familiar with your work and give you high marks on its usefulness!” — B. H.

“The work that you have done is really highly commendable, normally a human cannot do such good work, and you have done it all alone! Even the Airbus Industrie could not do such great work, — it would be even far better that your good work spreads throughout the Civil Aviation around the globe.” — P. S.

Thread reply at The Hangar for someone asking about CRJ info: “I just bought the CRJ program from them, or should I say him, it is a furloughed USAIR pilot who makes the program. I have been very very happy and impressed with the whole thing. It is by far the most comprehensive study tool I have seen yet. At Air Willy we have a computer based training program but I think this is far superior. In fact I am giving a demo to our fleet manager to see if the company might want to buy it. You can demo it at the website, you will not be disappointed!” — D. A. — Thank you, DA! – Todd

“Todd, My Man!! All I can say is OUTSTANDING!! Looks like your work! I have to say it looks a lot like some of your BASIS charts that Flight Safety uses to this day. I’ll have my wife print up your Brochure attachment at work and I’ll have them posted early next week for my fellow pilots. I have an oral review guide that I have to photocopy. I’ll drop that in the mail in the next few weeks.” — B. G.

“G`day again Todd, It has been a hectic week with my ground school endorsement, I`m sure you will understand why I am responding to you so late. In short I do have your program up and working. I do apologise again for responding so late, but hey I passed well in the written, oral and fixed base sim. 13 full flight sims over the next 3 weeks for the endorsement then I am in the aircraft. I cant wait. Your program was most helpful for understanding the systems. It is a great alternative to reading a manual. Thanks again!” — A. B.

“Hey Todd, I am doing well. Haven’t begun my self-study program in earnest yet. I am quite impressed with the amount of information your product contains and the presentation of that information. I have 8 days off prior to beginning training so I will hit it hard during that period. Thanks!” — J. B.

“Todd, things worked out with the second down load [copies are FREE -- Todd] on the home system, and as I have told you before, I also keep a copy on my laptop. As I told you last time, I think the world of you and what you have done for us all with your software. You are one of the few bright spots, in my 38 and a half year career (Hmmmmmm, now how are they going to take my retirement away? not to cry, I just feel bad about how things have come down). My Best to you and your family on this fine day. Thanks again for helping me out. I will continue to support you and your products to the best of my ability.” — A. S.

“Todd, Just recieved your CD [this CD is available in the Free Extras at the bottom and is designed for demonstrations to your airline's Training Department -- Todd] and ran it WOW!!!!! I had no idea it would be so good. Cant wait to get on line and purchase a B737-700/800 and B757 / B767 package. This would make an EXCELLENT Training aid for AME’s (Aircraft Technicians / A&P mechs etc) in getting used to Aircraft and its system operations.” — D. G.

“This program is excellent and I am looking forward to being ‘assimulated’ by the ‘Bus.” — J. W.

“Hey Todd, I am up and running! Nice product! I have now collected all I need to get through the program, all I have to do is begin! Rather daunting but I am happy that I am ahead of the program. Thanks for your follow-uping!” — J. B.

“You have a unique site and training system which will be of real interest to commercial airline pilots, as well as those who want to pursue this career path.” — S. S.

“Thanks for the email – found you through a fellow Qantas pilot and good friend who showed me your 767 Excel file. I was very impressed and am contemplating command on the 737 so I thought I’d give your stuff a go. As to reaching out to our Flight Department, I would be more than happy to do this. I believe in your product so that will make it easy.” — R. G.

“I use the B767 program for teaching INITIAL and REFRESHER courses as they display the schematics along with the switches/lights in a manner easy for the viewer to understand. Most of the pilots are non-English speaking and don’t have a very good grasp of the English language so I can’t really get them to understand the manuals. But a picture speaks a thousand words!! Some of the FOs have showed a keen interest in obtaining your program and I don’t know how many actually did download the program. It may surprise you that a lot of them are not computer savvy but the airline is going electronic so they have to get up to speed.” — L. R.

“Merry Christmas and thanks for your wonderful computer programs!!” — B. S.

“Thanks Todd, I blew through the oral like it was a non-event thanks to your program! Merry Christmas to you and your family!” — D. S.

“Todd, your program is the best learning tool I’ve ever seen, bar none. Day 1 of ground school the instructors told us they had not receive our light/switch manuals, due to our financial condition I’m sure. And so we’ve depended on your program from the web and only for a nominal fee! Thanks again for catching my mistake on ordering the All Airlines AB and not the US Airways one. I thought I selected it but my fat finger must have hit something else.” — D. F.

“Todd, thanks again for the info. I’m going through school with two other guys and I’m going to recommend your program to them! I’ve been studying since I downloaded it and love the colorful format. We don’t get paper panels in ground school anymore to scribble notes on so the only thing we have is the black and white printed pilots hand book which as you well know is worthless. Not nearly enough pictures for us pilots!” — S. F.

“Seasons Greetings Todd, I heartily endorse your product. It was an invaluable aid during initial. Good advice for anyone scheduled for Airbus training! Utilizing this product in the weeks before ground school will drastically cut down on hair loss and/or premature graying due to stress. Simply put… this is a great product with great service at a great price. Sincerely,” — M. L.

“Hi Todd, I’m on your mailing list and wanted you to have my new email address. Thanks for the great product and revisions.” — C. W.

“Yes, thanks again Todd! Review time for a checkride. The product is great, thanks again….” — T. K.

“Thanks! I love your program, and I’m going to put the word out in ground school Wednesday!” — D. F.

“Hello, Todd. I would be interested in the Flash CD demo. Gulf Air based in Bahrain is constantly looking improve and augment it’s CBT training programs on A320/33/340 and B767. I instruct on the B767 and use your Red Triangle 767 program which I find very useful to explain systems to the pilots. I would appreciate a copy of the demo.” — L. R.

“Hi, Todd. I want to thank you for your hard work in creating this software. It is awesome. You must have burned a LOT of midnight oil putting it together. Thank goodness someone with the piloting and computer know-how had the inspiration and dedication to do it. My husband is going through A320 school right now. He was very intimidated by the prospect of learning the new-fangled aircraft. He’s in his mid 50s and is former Navy and ANG, so he’s flown a bunch of different aircraft. But learning the A320′s lights, switches and entirely new language was daunting to him. Your software has helped him so much. He’s passed the oral and is in the “stimulator” now. Keep up the good work. Thank you.” — S. A.

“Thank you, Todd. I showed the download to the Director of Training at GECAT. He seemed impressed and told me to pass on his e-mail address. Give him a shout and mention my name so he knows what it’s all about. GECAT does training for 100 airlines (or so the sales pitch says on the website) so this may be a great opportunity to spread the word about the downloads. He mentioned that they may be able to recommend it as a precourse study aid. Speaking of which, my final exam is tommorrow and I finished the ground school in 5 days instead of 8! This was all due to the 732 download!” — N. B.

“Thank you for your prompt (to say the least) response!! I am going through the panels as we speak and I must say you have put a lot of work into this. Very nice job!! Hope to meet you at some point.” — S. L.

“Dear sir, Thank you for your email, and for this great effort that I and many other friends are using and find very helpful. Will keep you informed of any remark that I get on that nice studying material.” — A. R.

“Thanks for the e-mail. I’m in the middle of B757 initial and it looks like you’re lights and switches guide will be a lot of help pulling it all together. Thanks for your help. I’ll let you know how it all goes.” — A. B.

“Todd: Thanks VERY much. Your message contains a lot of good advice, and it is particularly timely as I’ve recently had a major hard drive disaster. I’ll be getting in touch with Mr. Harrelson right away. Keep up the great work. Your products are wonderful.” — R. O.

“Thanks Todd, just got your update. It is really good. I am in the second week of initial and use it to figure out what is really going on.” — R. G.

“Just a note to say thank you for the 75/76 Study Program, it made Ground School much easier. I was able to attend class without taking notes, and never used the study room at the hotel. I recommend this program to anyone going to Ground School. Thank You!” — K. V.

“Thanks for the email message. I wish I had the program earlier. My sim went very well, but this program you developed makes the preparation much more enjoyable. I really like the way the program works and how the graphics appear on my screen. And, by the way, the larger screen resolution was a great suggestion. Thanks!” — A. S.

“Just got back from training in Charlotte. I’d like to thank you and congratulate you on a really fine product. I worked with your program for about five weeks this summer before I went to training, and I was way ahead of the program. My understanding of the systems and cockpit layout made the oral infinitely easier. Thanks again, and good luck.” — A. N.

“I have heard great things about your Red Triangle products. I downloaded both the 767 and A320 programs and am very impressed with what you have accomplished and made available to pilots.” — P. M.

“Todd, You got a wonderful site man!! It got me thru my sims like Slick 50 on a door knob. Thanks!” — M. H.

“Thanks for the quick reply. I’m also a 767 APD so I’m always looking for a new way to pack in the info. I really like the Red Triangle program. I’m not blowing smoke at you; but it is a really good one. I’ll show it (but not give it) to our fleet admin guys and try and get the word out. We just got out of the book writing business at Delta and have gone to the Boeing Books. Everyone is pretty wigged out because they don’t know what to study. In using your program, I felt it covered everything in a nice manner–I just did my recurrent training this past week. Anyway….I’ll start putting the word out. If you have a flyer idea, email it to me and I’ll print them out and put them up.” — M. H.

“Hey Todd, Yes, as a matter of fact I did get everything ok. Thank you for asking. I just nicely got my 100 hours in on the Airbus and was scheduled for my first Recurrent Loft when the last bid came out. I got booted to the 737-300 where I am only 17 from the bottom. I liked your Airbus program so well I thought I’d try your 737 program. If my luck holds out, I may be purchasing your 757/767 program…….might as well get one of each, right? Thanks again for following up on my purchase.” — D. D.

“Todd, Thank you so much. I am up and running. I cannot imagine going through this ground school without your product, it is great. Keep up the good work.” — B. T.

“Dear Todd, thanks for the email. I got quite a bit of A320 info from you at the beginning of the year when it looked like I had a command in the revitalised Ansett Australia. That , of course fell thru and then I recently went looking for B737NG material, which I don’t believe you have yet but correct me if I am mistaken. Look forward to using your material, which is great by the way, when I get a job. Regards,” — J. B. [ NOTE: YES, I do have all of the B737 information, including NG, that you might need. -- Todd ]

“Todd, the software is great! I only wish now that I have been displaced to the MD80, you had a MD80 program. How do you get Excel to work that way, with the graphics and such? Anyway, I love the program and appreciate the updates, keep up the great work. If I can be of any assistance, I would be happy to help out.” — J. G.

“I just finished Day 3 and have much to do in order to prepare for tomorrow’s fun. The instructor mentioned that there was a lot of stuff out there on the Internet to assist us in our studies but the Red Triangle Product was very good and that USAirways would like something similar. He then went on to say “I did not say that and everything you need to be successful is in the Pilot’s handbook and company study guides.” Yeah right. Thanks a lot if I have more problems I will be in touch.” — B. T.

“Hi Todd, I set up yahoo for your downloads. I was looking on your site for any new downloads I might have missed. Your current 757 program is great, and with the references to the 767 I didn’t review the 767 for my PC last month. I’m impressed by how much info you have put in the program and have told other pilot’s I think it’s great. Keep up the good work. Hopefully we’ll have the 757′s for awhile.” — J. D.

“Everything worked out great. I got the Type and your software helped out a lot! Thanks!” — M. S.

“I already have your 757 program and it was a great help so I’m looking forward to the A320. The way I’m going I’ll probably need to order the RJ program next. Thanks again, great product.” — D. G.

“Thanks for the follow up to my purchase of the A320 software. Very impressive; great product!” — E. S.

“Everything worked out fine, got the Type and your software helped a lot. Thanks.” — M. S.
“Thanks for the Revision. I hated the AB school but really like the airplane. Your program helped a lot.” — P. N.

“You seemed quite busy when I called this evening, so I didn’t want to hold you up, but I wanted to tell you what a great graphic you have for avionics cooling/avionic smoke. The PH makes it almost impossible to visualize what the heck their talking about.” — D. S.

“Todd, you’re the greatest. If all support worked as well as yours, computers would be even more fun. You have a wonderful product and I will continue to spread the word. Thanks!” — R. B.

“Todd, I reviewed the Airbus Flt Ops manual on the USAirways CD, and see that there are virtually no schematics in there, just as you said! I have never seen such a thing! I am visually oriented, ergo…. I need pictures!” — M. L.

“Love your program. I have the NWA A320 Computer Training Course on my home computer and with your program to fill in the numerous holes in that training program, I’m beginning to get a handle on the Airbus! I find it an invaluable tool – assisting learning the systems and associated buttons, functions, etc., more quickly and more thoroughly than by any other means that I’ve found. I have highly recommended it to all airbus pilots I know.” — N. L.

“I have been impressed by your talent and as they say in the military your “attention to detail”. You should be proud of the work you do at Red Triangle. I am once again amazed at the level of detail in the latest revision. You are very talented and probably wasting your time as a line pilot. I do hope you find something more challenging and I’m betting that you find it. ” — J. S.

“Good job Todd!!! I have a class on 3/26. This program and your freebies will help me get a jump start on the Bus. I’ll show Flight Safety your work. If I get any bites I’ll let you know. They also have the G-IV AND V, Astra/Westwind, Hawker and RJ simulators at my center. Thanks pal.” — D. F.

“I have completed the ground school portion of the US Airways Airbus 320 training program and I am proud to announce that I passed the oral! This is due to a lot of hard work on my part and your program. The night before the oral and for a final review of everything I had learned in the previous weeks, I spent about an hour and half with your program. It made my final review before the oral a snap. I went to bed that evening knowing that the time spent with your program would prepare me better than anything else I could do. You have a great product and you should be very proud of it. IMHO, it was worth every penny I spent and then some!” — M. L.
“Many thanks for putting this program together. Having gone through the B757/767 with the aid of your notes on my laptop I wouldn’t consider doing it any other way. I highly recommend Red Triangle to anyone attending ground school. Your graphics and panel layouts truly exceeded my expectations.” – R. W.

“Thanks for the update!  I am currently in the US Airways AB320 ground school. I just wanted to take the time from my studies (without your program, I wouldn’t have the time) to say thanks for a great program! Your light and switch guide is the best. Many times when I am reading or studying, I use your program to reinforce whatever subject I happen to be studying. I have also used the acronym glossary quite a bit by having it at the ready anytime I am reading something out of the PH.” — J. M. L.

“Thanks Todd, I was able to complete the download, and the program seems to working just fine. What a great program. I don’t see how you guys have the time to make such a program but I’m glad you do. I look forward to spending time working with the program. Thank you for your time and GOOD LUCK TO YOU!”  — D. S.

“Thanks for the note and the great program.  I start Airbus school on the 27th and am well ahead of the game with your help.  I will certainly recommend this program to others as it was to me.  Thanks again!”  — F. T.

“I can’t tell you how much I love your 737-300 program.  I did the same concept on the 757 (but with paper) when I got checked out 5 yrs ago.  It’s a great way to study.”  — G. S.

“The study guide appears excellent.  I am learning the airplane, not just the oral prep.  I will recommend this program to my pilot group.  Please send me the download so that I can also load this into my new laptop computer.  This should ensure brain activity during hotel time.  There were no problems noted during the initial download into my new desktop.”  — T. T.

“Your work is amazing.  The update(s) are extraordinary.  Your attention to detail is tremendous.” — J. S.

“Thank you so much for such a quick response to my E-mail.  I received your E-mails and the program just fine!  Upon browsing through the program, I was impressed by all the detail!  I am sure this will be a great tool during training!” — K. B.

“I got a short notice to go to training. Literally from Friday to Monday my aircraft assignment changed. I really appreciate the ability to get your downloads right now. If I had to wait for someone to mail me a CD, I wouldn’t have had anything to study from except the company manual – and we all know how well those are written!” — F. A.

“I showed my company fleet manager your product on my laptop and he was positively salivating. This is just what we want to give to our pilots so they can study before they go to ground school.” — P. S. (major airline IS Director)

I purchased your products and was really impressed. There is enough info to keep me busy for a long time. I am going to use it over the next few weeks before going into training. The files will assist my study efforts greatly! I find the systems diagrams very helpful and easy to follow! Thanks again!” — D. M.

“I’m really enjoying your program. I have yet to go to training and have been studying the “personalized instructor” book from a UAL instructor. It’s a good book and the flashcards are good, too, BUT your visual and bubble type info blocks are far superior! It’s like watching “pop up video” on VH-1! I’ve been frozen on my present equipment for some time, and know quite a few people in the same situation as me, and will not hesitate to recommend your program.” — J. H.

“I’ve been told by everyone that knowing the “lights and switches guide” guarantees a pass on the Oral. Your panelmaster is an interactive, color enhanced, more in-depth, version of the lights and switches guide. That’s why like your panelmaster. It’s fabulous for review and in-depth information, especially for someone who is studying prior to attending ground school. I have found it invaluable.” — L. G.

“I’m in the middle of my little bus Initial at US Air and the three weeks I studied with your program before I went to school made all the difference in the world….  I’m home on the breaks relaxing while my 3 other classmates are still in CLT banging their heads.  Thanks for a great program!” — C. H.

“Your A320 program helped make it a breeze for my initial and I only missed one question in my Oral. I have numerous friends going over tothe Airbus and have been recommending to them your program.” — C. L., Airbus Instructor

“Impact has some Lights and Switches guides but they aren’t very comprehensive and I don’t think they’ve been improved upon since they were written.”– Z. I.

“This is a great study aid! I have Gooch’s book (which is pretty good) and a study guide from TCEM Press, but this beats them all!” — B. G.

“I bought Avsoft products but while they have great photo quality posters, they just don’t have the amount of information that I felt I needed to pass the oral.”– M. T.

“I got a VCR video from a friend but the presentation was awful. The guy was not only boring, he droned on about stuff I don’t think anyone will ever ask me on a test.” — J. K.

“Thanks for the quick reply and for answering my question. It is Saturday morning and I’ve had some time to look more closely at the revision and I am in awe of the amount of work you have done. I never realized that one could do so much with an Excel Spreadsheet. I went through Airbus school just over one year ago and I still use your program to review systems and to keep up to date. I also recommend it to anyone here who ask about third party products that could help them with the school. Thanks again! — J. S.

“I wanted to thank you for your hard work & effort on the Visual Oral. It helped me a lot & I have referenced it several times for a refresher.” — B. J.

“I had my first PT since initial this past weekend, and your info was extremely helpful! It is an absolute bargain at less than $500.” — S. M.

“So far, what I’ve seen, I really like! Thanks for making this product available. Wish I’d have thought of it!” — D. B.

“I am very impressed with the program.” — M. B.

“I think your Airbus panel is a great study aid; much better than the book.” — Z. B.

“I got an Airbus bid for January, but they stuck me in school last October. I downloaded your A320 version to get a head start and was thoroughly impressed! They really don’t teach systems with schematics, and I’m of the old school where a picture is worth a thousand words. Your package was a GODSEND! It was an excellent supplement to both the Initial Training and the Oral.” — R.S.

“I just downloaded the files, and it is so cool! I love your programs, they make it so easy to review.  Thanks so much for talking me through all of this. I’m trying to improve my computer skills….  Guess I stayed on the 200 too long.  I’ve always felt that our books are so scattered, and the training material is so hard to get, that every airplane is difficult to study or review.  Your program simplifies putting everything together from all the resources in one place, and puts it where you use it day to day, on the panel where it’s all happening.” — V. D.

“Your panels are a god send. I received short notice to transition to the 737-400 and they are invaluable. I have told all my classmates about them and I am sure they will be in touch soon. In Australia we have no access to this type of training material and I am sure once word gets around you will have to open an office down here.  I will tell my mates at Dragonair in Hong Kong of your product as they are recruiting fiercely for the A330/A320 at present. Thanks once again for your effort in putting this all together I wish you every success.”  — B. D.

“Thanks I recently bought your A340 download and WOW…. I cant believe the amount of work that you put into it. Initially I thought it was a bit pricey but have instantly changed my mind.”  — T. N.

“Yes thanks Todd I did. I’ve been away for the last couple of days on a trip but I was able to have a look at the program and it looks great. Should be a great help. Will be converting onto the A320 in a couple of months. Thanks very much for your quick response to my email.”  — A. M.

“Thank you so much for your quick reply, you are really a customer-minded, let you know rapidly if I am a so clumsy chap!”  — J. P.

“Your Excel viewer download was all I needed.  Thanks!”  — D. S.

“Hi Todd,  Not to worry on the affiliate program, I have already forwarded your link to my colleugues (two have already purchased) and I will continue to do word of mouth for your product. Spend the money instead on developing your MCDU version for redtriangle!”  — A. N.

“Thanks a lot, Todd, I am a “newbie” pilot who will start the A320 training next month in Madrid, Spain, and I am glad there are products like yours. I will be flying for LTE (now called Volar Airlines), so I am very excited.  Take care.”  –   J. M.

“Thanks for the personal response. Im currently going through the EMB145 initial ground school, and this has helped me out alot. If you need information on any of the other systems, let me know. I would be glad to help you with that.  Thanks.” — L. T.

“Hi Todd, Many thanks for your quick reply. Have already placed an order for the A319/320 package,excellent presentation and user friendly.  Regards,”  — K. Y.

“Todd, First off let me mention how much I like your product. I am not a real world pilot but rather use FlightSimulator 04. Most of my simming is programming gauges and making panels. I purchased your CRJ200 product late in 02 but as programming got along I decided to switch over to the 700 for reasons of complexity. The 200 would have too many “dummy” switches and the electrical was too complex. I have a couple of questions if you have the time.”  — R. S.

“Thanks Todd, I really used the 757/767 program. Unlike last time I followed the directions and this whole thing went like clockwork.  No problems installing it at all.  I have been out for the last 8 months on medical (I missed all the FUN) and and coming back on the Bus, very reluctantly I might add.  But the 757/767 program was such a big help I figured I might as well use the Airbus panels to try to understand all this stuff an 18 year F/O has to unlearn and then relearn only this time with a French accent.  (do I sound thrilled or what??)  Again, thanks for you work. You have done a great job with what I have seen so far.  Best of luck.”  — K. B.

“Hello Todd, Super to hear from you, and thanks for taking the time to write and support what looks like a great product.  See you in the sky . . .”  — D. E. (jetBlue’s newest pilot)

“Todd, Thanks for the quick reply. I was able to get the files and unzip them. I burned a copy and will store it for future emergencies.  I have a check ride coming up and can’t thank you enough for your help.  I hope you are doing well with Red Triangle. It helps to be diversified in this industry.” — J. Z.

“Hi guys,  I have recently purchase your Red Triangle A330 product. I am very impressed I must say. Your product will be a very valuable study tool for all Airbus pilots. (We call our FCOMs “the big green sleeping pills”.)  A job well done!  Kind regards,”  — B. C.

“Hey Todd,  Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you… Been flying a lot lately. Anyway, I went on the new website and registered. By the way, nice work on the site. It looks a lot better.”  — S. D.